The water shutoff date for the this water season is set for October 17, 2016.  The last day to order water will be October 15th.


One lane traffic just south of Henley high school.

On 10/17/2016 and possibly the 10/18/2016 there will be C-Flume construction which will reduce travel to one lane just south of Henley High School.  This will be a flagged zone and work is scheduled between 9:00am - 2:00pm.



 ! Recall Election Notice !

3rd Division

Klamath Irrigation District will hold a recall election for a Director of the Board on Monday, November 7, 2016.  The recall election will be for the director’s position:  Grant W. Knoll, representing Division Third of the five divisions in the District.

Division Third:  Generally East and South of the intersection of Reeder Road and Short Road.  East of Highway 39 and North of the East line of Lost River Diversion Channel.

One year remaining until December 31, 2017, in this three year position

The designated polling location for the Division will be the Klamath Irrigation District office located at 6640 KID Ln, Klamath Falls, OR.

The polling location will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday, November 7, 2016.  A member of Klamath Irrigation District, who is a qualified elector, residing and/or owning land from the specified division, is eligible to vote from that division.

Please contact the KID office at (541) 882-6661, located at 6640 KID Ln, KFalls to determine your voting eligibility or information for an absentee ballot.




The Deadline to Register to vote are as follows:

For the November 7th recall election, October 18th is the deadline to register.

For the November 8th election, October 19th is the deadline to register. This election will be a Vote By Mail election.


November 7th Election

Patrons who wish to vote by absentee ballot can fill out a Absentee Ballot Request form and send it back to KID.  The form can be downloaded and printed from the link below.

Request Form Click Here


KID Patrons who wish to vote in future elections must be registered with the District.

This registration is different than being registered for County, State & Federal elections.  

The process can be more complicated as well. For this reason, the District encourages early registration.

For more information on the registration process, please contact us at (541)882-6661.

For detailed information on the entire election process for KID, click the link below.


October 17th Special Board Meeting

Location - KID Office - 6640 KID Lane - 10:00am

Tentative Agenda - CLICK HERE


The following links may help water users to figure out how much water to order and to keep track of water use. The Irrigation Water Use Worksheet, a .pdf file which can be downloaded/printed, is a blank form which can be filled out to help keep track of daily water use.  It also contains an EXAMPLE of how the form is used and a CHART to determine the approximate discharge of a sprinkler nozzle in Gallons Per Minute (gpm) based on pressure and nozzle size. 

The Water Use Spreadsheet is an Excel spreadsheet, which can be downloaded and saved, that calculates the quantity of water used by a sprinkler system based on number of nozzles, pressure and nozzle size.

Water Use Worksheet - Click Here

Sprinkler Nozzle Discharge Chart - Click Here

Water Use Spreadsheet - Click Here

Simple Flume Calculator - Click Here

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