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In response to meetings with suburban patrons, Klamath Irrigation District is altering the 2017 irrigation schedule to help improve service and consistent delivery of water.  The 2 common issues raised were that the week on, week off allowed growth of grass and weeds in the canals, and that during the weeks on, there was so much competition among users that not everyone wanting water could get it.  In response to these concerns, but also staying within the boundaries of state adjudicated water rights established in 2013, suburban delivery will begin May 18, and water will be available Thursday through Monday EVERY WEEK of the irrigation season.  This should greatly reduce the vegetation that impedes the canals, and will provide a much wider window of water availability than the week on, week off format.  The season will conclude Monday September 18.

Reminder- Please maintain your ditch!!!!





In July of 2016, The KID Board of Directors adopted a new gate policy for fences/gates across the ditch banks. Panels held together with bailing twine is no longer acceptable. Click the link below to view the new policy.

Gate Policy.pdf





The C-Flume replacement project is coming along on schedule and on budget.

Highway 39 will be closed near the Henley school area from mile post 3 to mile post 4 starting 7/10/2017.  It is estimated that it will be re-opened 7/22/2017.  

Both Northbound and Southbound lanes will be closed 24 hours a day.

Authorized Truck Detour Route(WB67): South side bypass, Highway 97 and Cross Road for the truck detour. Henley Road, Homedale Road and Cross Road will be utilitized for the vehicle detour.

Detour Approved By: Klamath County (Name of City/County Official)
Is the detour approved for oversize loads? Yes 



Klamath Irrigation District has a job opening for an Assistant Manager position. For more information, job application and job description click the link below.




KID Patrons who wish to vote in future elections must be registered with the District.

This registration is different than being registered for County, State & Federal elections.  

The process can be more complicated as well. For this reason, the District encourages early registration.

For more information on the registration process, please contact us at (541)882-6661.

For detailed information on the entire election process for KID, click the link below.



June 8th Monthly Board Meeting

Location - KID Office - 6640 KID Lane - 10:00am

Tentative Agenda - CLICK HERE


The following links may help water users to figure out how much water to order and to keep track of water use. The Irrigation Water Use Worksheet, a .pdf file which can be downloaded/printed, is a blank form which can be filled out to help keep track of daily water use.  It also contains an EXAMPLE of how the form is used and a CHART to determine the approximate discharge of a sprinkler nozzle in Gallons Per Minute (gpm) based on pressure and nozzle size. 

The Water Use Spreadsheet is an Excel spreadsheet, which can be downloaded and saved, that calculates the quantity of water used by a sprinkler system based on number of nozzles, pressure and nozzle size.

Water Use Worksheet - Click Here

Sprinkler Nozzle Discharge Chart - Click Here

Download Water Use Spreadsheet for sprinkler nozzles - Click Here

Download Simple Flume Calculator - Click Here

Change of Address Form - Click Here

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